Terminal 5

Willie Walsh is a mentalist! I counted 15 check-in desks (though not for checking in) staffed but with no customers. Friday was obviously the day to be at Heathrow with a customer service issue. I drop off my over sized bag and tried to go airside. Nah, I wasn’t allowed to enter via the North entrance. Why? I just wasn’t. “I don’t make the rules”. So in through the South entrance and then the usual rubbish of off and on with the shoes. I was rendezvousing with a friend in the exec lounge and after a quick call i know he is no more than 50 feet from me through the door marked Concorde Suite. However, the BA girl (not in the sexist sense but in the sense of the complete indifference of youth) told me I didn’t have the correct ticket (not golden enough obviously, though it had cost $6k) to go through her door (at least she did after she had finished her mobile phone call). AHHHHHHH! To get access to the exec lounge you CAN’T take a direct route, no you must walk BACK to the North entrance to airside, go DOWN the escalator, walk back to be UNDER where you started and come back up the escalators. Access to a free coke and a bag of crisps is only possible if you travel the entire length and back of the shopping centre that is Terminal 5 airside. What total bollox.

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One Response to Terminal 5

  1. Luke Ireland says:

    Totally agree. The exec lounges at T5 are a trek and a half, sometimes I don’t even bother going to them.

    Perhaps they could learn some lessons from Virgin..

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