IT Lab seeing stars!

While it’s most gratifying when our clients give us the thumbs up, I can think of worse things than getting a bit of recognition from a professional customer service spotter. So it’s with immense pride, and the merest hint of smugness, that I announce we have just been awarded a “2 Star – Outstanding” rating (out of a maximum 3 Stars) for 2009 from Best Companies − the workplace engagement specialists.

It’s great to see that our drive to be the best service provider in any sector is still firmly on the rails and steaming forward.

We’ve now doubled our tally of stars from last year thanks to the efforts of the great team we have here.

I won’t bore everyone with clichés about “not resting until we get to 3 Stars” If we keep improving the way we have been then we’ll get there.

Well done everyone.

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3 Responses to IT Lab seeing stars!

  1. dommonkhouse says:

    Notwithstanding the mixed metaphor, steaming along on the rails, it’s a great achievement. Particularly in a year of challenging economics and huge change at the lab. Well done!

  2. richadams says:

    Steam engines steam along on rails – this metaphor remains pure!

  3. mattoneill says:

    I agree with the wordsmith.

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