Feel the love from Cobweb’s MD

Mark wrote to his team this week…….

You may have seen that Peer1, the North American, managed services and co-location provider is coming to Southampton. This move to the UK, in a blaze of meaningless publicity is being headed by Dominic Monkhouse who has finally got a proper job after being thrown out Rackspace a few years ago.

Mark continues……

I am sure Dominic will contact some of you (and already probably has) with a tempting offer, and some of you might believe that the grass is greener, that of course is your choice, but please remember two things; 1. This is a very tricky time for businesses and not many business have the financial security of Cobweb, great, profitable recurring, no borrowings and the most fantastic market opportunity. 2. Cobweb has a policy not to re-employ. Once you have gone, you have gone!

If you are already unhappy at Cobweb this might be a great opportunity for you, if you are not,, which I believe most of you are not, don’t be tempted by the empty hype and razzmatazz (A DM specialty!)

Onwards and upwards (literally, as we take the space upstairs!)

Have a good day,



WOW! Mark i never knew you were such a fan 😉

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Dominic Monkhouse @dommonkhouse entrepreneur, smallholder, Geordie, kite surfing, snowboarding, dog owning, J109 sailor, pilot, husband, father and runner
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5 Responses to Feel the love from Cobweb’s MD

  1. Meeeowwwww!! 🙂 You gotta feel for them though – they thought they were safe in Southampton. Well away from London and the Thames Valley, what kind of web company would base themselves there? Oooooh – yup, they’re screwed!!

  2. It is almost unimaginable that a business leader would send a message like that to his employees! This shows paranoia, distrust, and poor taste. The integrated threat is really revealing. Some culture they must have over at Cobweb.

  3. “They don’t like it up ’em”…great blog Dom…best of luck with the new venture (sounds like you won’t need it!)…

  4. george says:

    ross william’s hit the nail on the head. you’re on their turf.

    but they don’t like water as much as you so i’m on your side 🙂

  5. Neil Benson says:

    Dom, let me know if you have any openings in Southampton. Would love to work with ‘Razzmatazz’ Monkhouse again!

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