the best service is no service

I spoke at Internet World (#IWEXPO) in London on the 29th April on my passion for customer service excellence. I stole the title of my brief talk from the book by Bill Price (click here to read review and buy the book) about his experience at Amazon. At Rackspace and itlab I have seen the use of NPS drive huge improvements in customer experience over time. Superior customer experiences are only possible with engaged employees and I mentioned some easy to emulate tips on engagement. Some of the financial models that show the bottom line value of having happy staff delivering world calls customer service get a mention – including the real world impact of NPS on growth from existing customers. In 1 example I discuss the introduction of some self service tools that have a huge impact on service and show how it is possible for all firms to emulate Amazon in quadrupling revenue without adding support head count or in the case of Pipex Hosting deliver better service with fewer staff. Finally I used itlab as a case study to show how this firm was transformed in a 2 year period from loss making also ran into a financially stable great place to work delivering awesome customer support.

view the video of the presentation

download the slides

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One Response to the best service is no service

  1. John Souter says:

    Fantastic presentation, really enjoyed listening to it.

    How can I get hold of the slides? (didn’t seem to be able to do it on the Seminar Streams site)


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