Peer 1 and Rackspace offer UK customers global clouds

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PEER 1 and Rackspace offer UK customers global clouds –

A range of new cloud services will be made available to UK-based IT departments as US providers Peer 1 and Rackspace expand their services overseas. The companies in question have datacentres located around the globe and said businesses would benefit from not having to use different hosting companies to cover different regions of the world. Peer 1 Network Enterprises, a US online IT business hosting provider, launched its CloudXcelerator programme, which will allow its UK partner ElasticHosts to offer customers cloud applications housed in the Peer 1 infrastructure. ElasticHosts provides flexible server capacity for scalable web hosting. “ElasticHosts” new capacity with Peer 1 will make the company the first cloud infrastructure provider to offer dual redundant availability zones in Europe,” the firm said.

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