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Amazingly simple and interesting viral idea. At itlab we gave all new employees £5 and ask them to go forth and commit random acts of kindness, part of helping them see how to live the core values and learn to deliver on Service ObsessionTM.They then shared their daring dos; some bought chocolates and tried to give them away to very suspicious passersby, others donated to the homeless or bought multiple copies of the Big Issue, some acted solo whilst others teamed up and pooled their money – whatever, it didn’t matter it was the doing something that counted. So I was intrigued to read about a scheme to spread random acts of kindness even further. KIND sells healthy snacks through a host of stores in the USA including Starbucks and their rational is that happy people are healthier and kindness causes happiness so KINDED is a brand extension and fits with their core values. Well done to you! Oh and they also donate at least 5% of their profits to fostering global kindness.

In case you cant picture it this is the sort of behaviour they inspire; “someone held three sets of doors for me as i was rushing to the train”, “someone sent a tart to my table at le pain quotidien”, “a total stranger paid for my sandwich”, good on them.

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