Champion people

Some of the companies I work with are a constant source of inspiration to me. Champion Communications the PR agency we use here at PEER 1 Hosting in the UK is up there at the top of the list. A young company with only 18 months under their belts but delivering quality advice to a fast growing client base. It’s been great to watch their rapid development. I liked the team there at the 1st meeting and have had many a laugh working with them since. They are authentic, passionate and fun. Why would you work with a firm who weren’t? Life is too short!

The video was shot at a recent party they held to say thank you to the clients who had picked them and love them. These guys and girls at Champion sum up the ethos of service obsession.

(results from PR? yes in the 1st quarter they had us topping the list of hosting firms in the UK by share of voice)

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Dominic Monkhouse @dommonkhouse entrepreneur, smallholder, Geordie, kite surfing, snowboarding, dog owning, J109 sailor, pilot, husband, father and runner
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3 Responses to Champion people

  1. Faye Hawkins says:

    Dom, all my clients are #1, but you’re at the top of the list. Your inspiration is infectious! We care about making you and PEER 1 look brilliant, which makes us look good too. Win win!

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